The Cutting Edge – April 2018

Group of young professionals visits PING, learns about manufacturing, trade and the workforce in Arizona

The Arizona Industry Fellows, a group of young professionals and future business and civic leaders, spent a day on-site at PING. The group heard from the Chair of the AMC and Workforce Arizona Council, and Corporate Counsel for Karsten Manufacturing Corp./PING, Dawn Grove about the unique environment for manufacturers in Arizona, the crucial role that the AMC plays in advocating for policies that benefit existing manufacturers and that help attract new manufacturers to the state, the challenges that exist with the workforce and ways to address those challenges.

The group took a tour behind the scenes of PING’s Phoenix operation, and was joined by special guest, Congresswoman Martha McSally. The fellows saw first-hand the amount of hand work that takes place in PING’s facility, many of them in awe of the amount of human power and attention to detail at play on the manufacturing floor. PING employees welcomed the group and Congresswoman McSally, and spoke enthusiastically of the company’s custom-engineered, custom-fit and custom-built premium golf equipment and their culture that values and treats employees like family.

The group got a look inside PING’s gold putter vault, where they store golden casts of all the tournament-winning PING putters.

The fellows’ program for the rest of the day included discussions with some of the industry’s most well-known experts on topics including trade relationships and border efficiency, Arizona’s mining industry, career and technical education and workforce training at the community college level and navigating Arizona’s policy landscape as a small manufacturer and business owner.

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U.S.News: Adaptability to Volatile Industries Key to Rocky Mountain Economic Success

State and local government officials across the country were sent scrambling back in 2013 when Boeing announced plans to significantly expand operations outside of its Puget Sound birthplace in Washington – potentially opening up new communities to the promise of high-paying jobs, larger tax revenues and more substantial economic development.

So valuable was Boeing’s business to the state of Washington that a nearly $9 billion package of tax incentives was eventually passed by state lawmakers hopeful that they could convince the company to stick around and keep its business in the Evergreen State. That bid failed, however, and Boeing eventually announced plans to beef up operations in states such as California, South Carolina and, notably, Utah – a Rocky Mountain state known in part for its advanced manufacturing output in which Boeing for years had maintained a presence.

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Manufacturing Global: Attracting investors: tech in the manufacturing sector

Sweeping changes in technology are disrupting nearly all sectors of the global market. In the home, the shop floor, the factory and the hospital, and even our daily commute, technology is leading to huge changes in commercial business models. Why should manufacturing be any different?

This is the new industrial revolution — Industry 4.0 — and as with any rapid change, new opportunities have arisen and new ways of thinking have emerged. However, there are also new hurdles to overcome for businesses large and small.

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Bloomberg: Nafta or Not, Quebec Is Putting Millions Into Manufacturing

The future of Canada’s trade relationship with the U.S. is in limbo but that didn’t stop Robert Belanger from investing C$3.6 million ($2.8 million) to upgrade his Quebec fabrics plant.

New weaving machines and a state-of-the-art dying system are helping his company, Belt-Tech Inc., produce enough of the webbing used in seat belts and pull straps to meet a 30 percent surge in orders from the North American auto industry. Part of the financing came from Quebec’s government, which is pushing manufacturers to modernize their factories despite uncertainties surrounding renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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Around the State:

Arizona continues to be a haven for business and manufacturing

Phoenix Business Journal: Commercial Real Estate: West Valley scoring with cheaper land, access back to California

The timing is finally right for the West Valley and economic growth — at least from California businesses’ perspective.

Patrick Feeney Jr., senior vice president with CBRE’s Phoenix office, said Southern California businesses have reached the point where gathering products in California ports, shipping them to Phoenix for warehousing and then shipping them back to California for consumers has become a more affordable option than just keeping the products in the Golden State.

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Phoenix Business Journal: California manufacturer moving production, jobs to Goodyear after $4M investment

IAC Industries is moving its manufacturing operations to Goodyear from Southern California.

Brea-based IAC makes furniture, work stations and fixtures for laboratories, industrial and other workplaces.

IAC bought a 50,000-square-foot building at 3831 S. Bullard Ave. near Phoenix Goodyear Airport for $3 million from a real estate trust.

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AZ Big Media: Arizona becomes additive manufacturing (3-D printing) leader

Polymer-based 3-D printing has been all the rage, well-known for faster prototyping or novelty items that can be made on the spot, but the world of 3-D printing is about to get a lot more metal.

Many Arizona-based companies, particularly firms in the aerospace and defense industry, have been working night and day to bring metal 3-D printing, or additive manufacturing, parts to market while also gearing up to create a workforce of the future.

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Manufacturing Global: University of Arizona is developing holographic heads up display for vehicles

The University of Arizona has been developing heads-up display technology to be used in road vehicles and planes.

The technology allows for drivers and pilots to receive and read information, such as driving directions or flight data, whilst still looking through the transparent glass of the front window.

Researchers at the university are currently working on incorporating holographics to the technology, which will allow the user a wider view.

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